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Boston University



April 2019

A devised movement piece out of a recently established group/initiative in the School of Theatre: InMotion Theatre, captained by movement director Yo-El Cassell. In short, the goal of InMotion is to encourage the exploration of different forms of storytelling onstage, movement being the driving force at its core. The concept and outline for Sunlight Interior was created by Cassell, devising the actual piece over the course of rehearsal with the the help of his cast and several assistant movement directors. This was a particularly challenging project (in the best way possible) as the ideas were grand and often abstract, and the show itself was constantly changing and shifting until the moment it opened.

Venue: Studio ONE

Director: Yo-El Cassell

Scenic Designer: Christa Tausney

Costume Designer: Azucena Dominguez

Sound Designer: Stephanie Yackovetsky

Projections Designer: Jonas Hayes

All photos courtesy of Andrew Brilliant

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