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Mark is:

-A freelance designer and production electrician in NYC, based in Brooklyn.

Upcoming projects:

Some Assembly Required

A pop up installation guided by the newest member of our family: OPAL. Learn some basic principles of Lighting Design and create your own "look".

Status: Proposals


LUCiAN and the 4th Iteration

The full length version of the theatrical dance experience, LUCiAN. The longer, more complete and complex story that was originally omitted for running/production time for undergraduate thesis. Possible accompaniment by installation piece.

Status: Rewrites


Untitled full length play

A budding, forbidden romance between bequeathed royalty and a societal underling. Set in a capitalist Roman city-state in the not-so-distant dystopian future, in a reality where Christianity never came to exist.

Status: Outlines

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